Is Kevin Trudeau’s Free Money Book For Real?

There are plenty of people out there who call themselves businessmen who are really just trying to take advantage of people in need by offering scam products and services. Get rich quick schemes, miracle dieting programs, and cures for almost any disease can be found readily available for a small price. The Kevin Trudeau Free Money book is no exception. The latest in a long line of products that Mr. Trudeau has offered, this one proves to be no better than those that came before.

So who is Kevin Trudeau? Anyone who is familiar with the world of infomercials has probably seen his face at one time or another, peddling one or another of his products. He has been active for more than 10 years and has an infamous track record. A brief history of Kevin Trudeau is as follows:

1998 – First lawsuit courtesy of the Federal Trade Commission. Trudeau was offering products that helped with everything from weight loss to addiction cure to photographic memory training. Was subsequently ordered to pay $500,000 in customer redress fines.

2003 – This time the product was called Coral Calcium Supreme and Trudeau claimed it could cure cancer. Was ordered to cease these claims but violated the injunction and continued to sell the product. Ordered to pay another $2 million in customer redress and banned from using infomercials to sell any products aside from publications such as books.

2007 – The book “The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About” earned Trudeau a $5 million fine and a contempt of court charge for violating a provision against misrepresenting the content of his books in his infomercials. He was banned, along with all those associated with him, from all infomercials.

When interviewed about his troubles with the courts, Trudeau repeatedly lied about the facts, misrepresented the numbers involved, and denied that certain things had even taken place. Now that his 3 year ban is up, he has returned to the market with the Kevin Trudeau Free Money “They” Don’t Want You to Know About book.

kevin trudeau free moneySo what is this book about? The basic sales pitch claims that the book has “secret” sources where anyone can find free money waiting for them. Kevin Trudeau makes it clear that he is just a “normal guy” trying to help people out with this book. He fails to mention that his previous attempts at helping people ended in lawsuits.

The simple tips and tricks in the Kevin Trudeau Free Money book help people find money set aside for certain programs but never advertised or made public. The book is only about $30 after shipping and handling and comes with a money-back guarantee if the customer can not find at least $500 to claim. What he fails to mention is that there is a restocking fee involved in the return, so only $10 is actually refunded.

The most common complaint mentioned in reviews of the Kevin Trudeau Free Money book is the battle that must be fought to purchase it. A free 1-800 number is called and a helpful customer service representative then proceeds to assault the potential buyer with loads of other offers that they should buy.

A great number of people claim that even after specifically telling customer service that they want only the book and nothing else, they still find monthly charges on their bill for Kevin Trudeau’s newsletter. In addition, while the book itself costs only $10, there is almost $25 in shipping and handling. This is true for the ‘free’ accompanying book that is sometimes offered – another $25 in shipping in handling.

People who have bought Trudeau’s book have almost nothing positive to say about it. They mostly complain about the extra charges that appear on their credit cards and the extreme difficulty they have in getting them removed. People are told one amount will be charged to find something completely different on a regular basis. When trying to resolve issues with customer service, people have been refused and told rather bluntly that they should have paid more attention.

Requests for names and even the address of the company are refused. Reviews that speak of the book say that it is filled with outdated information and web sites that do not exist. Most are also under the opinion that the book is almost completely worthless and that what little useful information it does have can be found via the internet with some simple searching.

If thinking about purchasing the Kevin Trudeau Free Money book, people should be aware that they will most likely not get what they are expecting. Care should be taken to use a temporary credit card in order to avoid recurring charges as well.

A site that sells new and used books might be the best option for those who wish to see if the book can be useful to them, avoiding the hassles of dealing with the belligerent customer service representatives. Above all, those interested should be ready to part with some money that they will most likely never see again.

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